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Personality: Mercury is haughty and viscous, as well as cold and silent. She doesn't talk much but when she does it's usually to say something cutting. She's extremely loyal to Deacon Frost, to the point that she would kill just to please him. Mercury is very forgiving of Frost's eccentricities and the fact that things need to be his way. She doesn't have the hatred towards humans that most vampires seem to have, probably because of her large family upbringing. Only one of her older sisters is alive, and probably the only person besides Deacon that she gives a damn about.

Mercury is much more even tempered than most vampires, although she is hard to provoke when she is she has the same violent nature most vampires are prone too. She is very observant, preferring to sit and watch and let others fumble their way through before showing her hand. Mercury is patient up to her breaking point but has a low tolerance for incompetence. Deacon is her weakness and most often talking about him unfavorably results in injury to the other person. She hates the favoritism and politics of both the human and vampire worlds and feels that something should be done, which is why Frost's plans to become La Magra are very much to her liking and why he has so much of her support. Though Mercury doesn't hate humans, she does have a disliking for the mortality and weakness the represent her past. Even as a human Mercury was very distant and had a hard time connecting to other people, having little empathy for her own people.

History of the Character: She was born the youngest child of seven, having four sisters and three brothers, and her father was a military man stationed in Africa. That's where she was born and spent her early childhood years, before being forced to move when he was reassigned. Her father was stationed at a base in Poland and the culture shock made it very difficult for seven year old Mercury to make friends. Her family was very close and most of them doted on her because she was the youngest. Mercury excelled at school, despite be teased for her accent and became interested in dancing, something her family very much approved of. She started dancing at the age of eight and by the time she graduated from school she had earned a position in a prestigious dance company in New York. She danced with the company for five years before she met the vampire that would change her life, or rather end the human one she had been living. From the very beginning, she loved being a vampire.

After she had been turned, it took a few years for her to get enough control over the thirst enough to blend in with the humans she now hunted. Using the information she had gained from being with Frost, her sire, she started to help gather together other made vampires, who hated the way the Pure Bloods ran things, lording over them like they were lesser beings, simply by an accident of birth.

Mercury found herself falling for Frost in a way that she had never felt for a human, like her emotions were amplified about him. She had loved before but it seemed that next to him, they were all insignificant and faded away from her memory. As they built an underground empire came Blade and Frost’s desire to change the vampire world increased. His plans came to fruition.

All personality and history came from my own creative mind, as there was little to no information about Mercury available. I do not own any part of the Blade franchise nor am I Arly Jover, This is purely for fun.

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